Savanna White

The Savannah model with a metal clasp holds its shape well, does not allow the material to stretch and roll. Fabric: polyamide microfiber combined with ultra-soft monofilament thread

Parameters on the model: Size: XS/S

Please note that the color of the product may not 100% match the photo. This largely depends on the lighting during photography and the color rendering of your display.

Материал:: Бифлекс / Италия

Производство:: Россия

Рекомендации по уходу:: Ручная стирка в воде не более 30 градусов.

Состав:: нейлон - 70%, хлопок - 20%, шёлк - 7%, эластан - 3%

Цвет:: Белый

Модель:: Savanna

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